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Vision: Colorado CTE delivers proven pathways to lifelong career success!
Mission: CTE ensures a thriving Colorado economy by providing relevant and rigorous education that is connected, responsive and real.

Welcome to the CTE Website for Colorado's Administrators and teachers. We hope that these webpages provide you with the information you need; if they do not, please contact us. The Colorado Community College System is dedicated to improving CTE programs across the state and helping to improve the prosperity of the state by supplying Colorado with its future workforce.


Are you interested in finding out more about Colorado CTE specific programs? If so, follow the links available for each industry sector by going to:

  Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Michael Womochil, 720-858-2808
Hospitality, Human Services & Education (FACS)
Michelle Koch, 720-858-2291
  Business, Marketing & Public Administration
Laurie Urich, 720-858-2746
Skilled Trades & Technical Sciences
Ben Nesbitt, 303-595-1614

Health Science, Criminal Justice & Public Safety - Tara Bell, 720-858-2297

STEM, Arts, Design & Information Technology
Jennifer Jirous, 720-858-2811
Lauren Jones, 720-858-2825


If you are an administrator looking for "Best Practices" on the key issues identified for the Colorado State Plan, follow this link. As more"Best Practices" are submitted, they will continue to be added.


If you are a student looking for an interesting career, follow this link to learn about opportunities in our CTE programs.


CTE is making a positive impact all across the nation. Our job is to share that important message and encourage others to join in preparing all students for college and career. NASDCTEc has created a video, CTE: Making the Difference, which underscores CTE’s achievements and potential. There are additional resources available at http://careertech.org/sharethevision/.

CTE Professional Development Credit

Colorado CTE Educators will be able to receive Colorado State University credit for taking part in multiple activities during the year. Please view the documents below for the CTE common check list and your CTE content area check list.  By offering credit for individual activities, you have the opportunity to earn multiple college credits for work that you may already be doing in your classroom.

Instruction Sheet CSU CTE Registration Form
2013-14 ACE Checklist 2013-14 FCCLA Checklist
2013-14 Business and Marketing Checklist 2013-14 Health Science Education Checklist
2014 Career Guidance Checklist 2013-14 Skilled Trades Checklist
2014 CTE Common Checklist 2013-14 STEM Checklist
2013-14 FACS Checklist 2013-14 Teacher Cadet Checklist

2013-14 Trainings and Workshops

Summer Credentialing Class For CTE Teachers, STEM Teachers and School Counselors

April 30, 2014

8 a.m.

For new SECONDARY CTE Directors/CTE Instructors; "How to navigate through Program Approval Dashboard" and other Program Approval related questions Webinar. Please send victoria.ekelund@cccs.edu your RSVP.

Oct 30 2013


For new POSTSECONDARY VPI's/CTE Instructors; "How to navigate through Program Approval" Webinar. Recorded session.
on-going If you would like to request on-site Perkins technical assistance, please contact Lorrie Toni, 303-595-1565
on-going If you would like technical assistance with VE-135/VE-130 reporting or interpreting the CTE data reports, please contact Julie Eddy at julie.eddy@cccs.edu or 303-595-1527.

Phase I Program Approval Login Quick Study Guide: Secondary & PS

Phase II Program Approval Phase II pptx - Open for Revision/Renewal

2013 Deadlines

March 30 VE-135 follow-up data must be submitted to CCCS from all institutions.  Contact:  Julie Eddy
May 1 All Perkins Local Plan REVISIONS for the current fiscal year plan must be submitted; Contact: Lorrie Toni
June 1 Completed Plans of Study for Perkins recipients; Contact: Jennifer Jasinowski
July 30 VE-135 enrollment data must be submitted to CCCS with the exception of postsecondary level data for all System colleges, Aims, WCCC, CMC, Pickens Tech, and Emily Griffith.  Contact: Julie Eddy
August 31 Final Perkins Vouchers; Contact: Cheryl Velinder
September 1 CTA FY10 Final Financial Report; Contact: Julie McWilson
September 30 Perkins Local Plan; Contact: Lorrie Toni
December 31 Submittal of Perkins Voucher 1 to request reimbursement for Quarter 1 expenses paid; Contact: Cheryl Velinder

The Colorado Community College System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities.  Please direct inquiries to the CCCS AA/EEO officer, Cynthia Hier, at 720-858-2791 or via email at cynthia.hier@cccs.edu.

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